Finally... no excuses! Uncut! I come to you as I am.  Like, what is wrong like being a Celebrity in your own mind? My life is full and I want to share it with you. Don't worry, I know who I am! And I am OK with not being perfect.  I am a child of the King and the most fabulous me that ever existed!!! Holla!!!!

A REAL Happy Housewife of New York. Wharton school graduate. Long Island girl. Financial guru. Bargain hunter. My good friends call me Jackie O (of all trades). The truth is I enjoy luxury and know that you can get it for cents or less on the dollar if you do some research. I am a 27 year old woman with a touch of ADD and way too many creative interests. So I thought why not share!! My life is far from boring and with a 2 year old little girl named Stone Love (which is like mostly like living with an angel and occasionally like being tortured in late night potty sessions- the record is 10 times after she was put down).

This blog is an opportunity to live out loud the life I live. It is a challenge to me to try to track the myriad of things that happen in a day and create a living journal of Joy. I want to live my best life and thought about my life goals. I have helped many clients make successful financial decisions and we always start by writing a plan. How can you live the life of your dreams if you can't even write them down? How can you maintain your dream if you don't know what it takes to sustain them? You can make today better than yesterday with the stroke of a pen!!!

I would love this to be a forum where most anything can be discussed. Consider it a one woman hot topic spot with financial suggestions, parenting advice and anecdotes, spicy Jamaican and international cuisine recipes, beauty and shopping hits and misses, Reality TV, news, and anything else that can be discussed.

Please share your love for joy with everyone you know!

Disclaimer: The thoughts in my mind do not define me as a person… if I could control them I would.


  1. Hey Sexy New York Mama!,

    I am so excited to be a member of your blog! Well I mean I am your sister! This is so great Joy, it'll keep me up to date on what's going with you and all the new great beauty products etc that you are trying out!

    Any potty training tips? You seem experienced...

  2. sooo since you do say your married> i would first like to know how many years of marriage do you have behind you before you go out giving advise. also if you are married, i am trying to fix the relationship i am in and would like to know a few beauty tricks to make my husband want me again. Please get graphic and remember this is your page.

  3. I have the Ginger Body Scrub (Origins)...very very nice...hysterical video...looking forward to read what's cooking in that ADD creative brain of yours...:))


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