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So somehow there are a million things to do in a day. I have to make picking up the laptop a habit (they it takes 21 days to form a habit). When I start writing it's usually because I have material. But then "my material" disturbs me and I tell myself I am going to do this later. How do I believe the same lie every day? I have a SOLUTION... more videos. 


This morning I put our exuberant dog Ralph, a miniature Eskimo and toy Collie mix into the backyard.  Let me tell you, as sweet as Ralph is, he can possibly be the most annoying emcee in the history of the world.  If you even think of walking past my house, Ralph is going to let everyone know 24/7.  We have had Ralph since he was a puppy and got him two weeks after we got married (in 2003). Kyle worked as a valet at nights and I wanted something warm in bed with me (hello… that's why I got married!). Ralph was also an early graduation gift, as in I bought him 5 months before I was scheduled to graduate... and yes, I did graduate.  Ralph and my bonding in bed quickly ended after he released a warm stream of potent puppy pee on my new duvet the first night. Not only did I start walking that 8 week old puppy in the brisk Philadelphia snow that night... my puppy trained within days!  I'm not up for puppy roulette. At 7:15am, I turned on the sprinkler in the mini lawn and garden in the backyard and sat in the sun. What a great way to start to the day!


It really excites me to add little elements of organization and cleanliness to my home. Yesterday, I cleaned and lined 80% of my cabinets with new tile pattern contact paper (picked it up at Bobby's Department Store in Brooklyn for $1.99 for 9 ft), hung a sequence of pictures of Stone and Kai above the cabinets in the kitchen, weeded and watered the front yard and went shopping for baby gifts.


Thursday was both my father and my nephew's birthday, so my sister Tiffany came to NY with her son (my nephew) Kai and her husband Rob from Chicago. My daughter Stone is Kai's long lost twin. Kai is Stone's shadow and always shows love and affection- to the point of physical attack.

Friday was hair day. For me hair day is a deep condition with either Una, Alter Ego or Sebastian, a roller set at the Dominican Salon, and rollers at night. Depending on the day and time I get out and out in 2.5 hours or less. I have even been in and out in 45 minutes, however, I went in washed with a deep conditioner in my hair. I can't speak for all black women but most have many chapters in our book of hair. My sister is fully engaged in the great battle. The rumble in the jungle… at least that is what her roots are like. The fight of the Perm versus the Virgin (hair)… when a woman chooses to grow out the perm and go natural. That is one battle I will watch from the sidelines! In May, I went to visit my younger sister Tiffany in Chicago and help out with her best friend's Angela's wedding (Tiffany is the Matron of Honor). The older sister in me took over and with no beauty salons open at 10pm on Friday night, I appointed myself to the task. She is pregnant and let's just say her she reverted to the "When my mom does my hair it doesn't hurt…" and I retorted "How the heck can you go for so long without washing your hair?! It can't be that bad of a process… Can it?" First she made me part it into four quadrants. She tells me it's all the rage for 'the transition.' It got done and she looked beautiful. I also did Sandra, the Maid of Honor's hair (sometimes I have Asian hair, so hooking it up is a breeze). Pictures to come!!


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